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Breakfast/Brunch Served All Day

Includes Mexican Rice & Beans

Breakfast/Brunch Served All Day

1.) Tacos De Huevos Con Chorizo
Three tacos-scrambled eggs mixed with chorizo (Mexican sausage)...$11.99

*2.) Huevos Con Carne Asada
Grilled skirt steak with 2 eggs made your way. Includes your choice of corn or flour tortilla...$17.50

*3.) Huevos Ranchero
Two eggs made your way, topped with ranchero sauce, queso fresco, over two corn tortillas...$11.99

*4.) Chilaquiles
Two eggs made your way, with fried tortilla chips topped with green or red salsa, queso fresco and
diced onions...$12.99 (With Carne Asada...$17.25)

5.) Spicy Mexican Omelet
Chorizo (Mexican sausage), onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, green and red peppers, topped with cheese and slice of avocado...$11.99

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